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[27 Jul 2006|12:09am]

Ok all i think i can offically decair this a dead community... no one has touched in in a while i might delete it un less someone wants to take it over then ask me and you can have it but the orginal characters that were created by the people of this community are not yours and you must have express permession to use them by thier said owners ok!!! if you wnat it you have till the end of August to claim it!!!!

[27 Mar 2006|08:34am]

Serena sighed as she sat in her room, it had been so quiet with everyone doing there own thing. She had not seen her friends in a few days, and she missed Darien, He was busy with college. she sighed and decided to go for a walk, maybe Lita was at home or something. She walked to the door and looked around for her mom " Mom i'm going out i'll be home later" she yelled before walking out of the house.

It was a nice day out. beautiful even. She enjoyed walking, she stopped and pulled out her communitor and pressed the green button " Lita you there?" she questioned into it hoping her friend would be home. She walked over to a brench and sat down.

[25 Mar 2006|02:49pm]

Lita jumped when she heard someone talking she stood as she brushed off the grass from her skirt. "no i didnt see anything why do you ask? " Lita said finishing off brushing herself off. "Im sorry i was just collecting my thoughts. Im sorry if this is your place. I'll go now, im sorry i really am" lita said blushing. Not realizing she had left Serena's Sailor V Copy. Lita blushed terribly as she started to walk off.

Original character profile... [12 Mar 2006|06:24pm]

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COMBO [05 Mar 2006|04:16pm]

keili, zai_black,mischiefmana9ed, sailorjupiter
Stormy pushed her cart of luggage and glanced at her watched and pulled out her ticket from her purse. She was nervous yet excited to be going into the exchange program. She looked around hoping the other contestants would be there soon

**********the sisters**************
Cahira, Aithne, and Myrna walked in with all their supplies, Thier Grandmum following closley behind them.
"Now, m'Lass' dont ye be gettin in to any 'bit o' trouble now." Mrs. O'Konel told her grandchilden, her heavy irish accent rolling off her toung "Dont forget to be callin' me when yous land, Aye?" She commanded, giving her girls big hugs before she handed off their luggage cart.
"Aye, Gram." the trio said in unision
"Gram, ye outta kno that we be callin you." Cahira the eldest spoke with a beaming smile, her and her sisters were extreamly excited to get going, and happy they had each other.....

Stormy heard the first call for the plane "oh no, i'm going to be late, i cant miss the flight!" Stormy saw a trio saying there goodbyes but rushed towards luggage check in. she quickly rushed through the line as she ran to the gate

**************The Sisters**********
"Oh Bloody hell," the tallest, Aithne wispered underher breath as she heard their final call
"Gram, we better be goin' will be callin you when we land. Aye?" Cahira said swiftly to her gram to get them to go
"Aye, grams we will miss you!" The youngest said, giving her gram a final hug, before the trio ran off to the gate.
"Girls your tickets?" their gram asked
"Aye, who else be havin them?" Aithne pointed to Cahira, who waved the tickets in her hand to her gram, and the trio took off to take their new adventure.
"I cant be waitin'!!!"
"Aye, Myrna we will be gone almost a semester, i think we could say more if we wanted to" Cahira said to her youngest sister
"We Be free!!!" Aithne said flipping her long hair all about her^_^
"Now gram said no trouble lookin', ya here Aithne?" Cahira gave her a stern look, which never worked on Aithne, since it was like lookin at her own face. The girls all had the same face, though they were not triplests, each had their own hair. Chaira's mass of unruhly Firey red hair, that semi curled, Aithne long straigt lushish locks of ravens hair, and Myrna's mahogny brown locks shoter than both her sisters and straighter

Stormy rushed onto the plane finding her seat at the window. She put up her carry on and put her purse, laptop and ipod underneath the seat. She caught her breath as she fastened her seat belt. " i can only imagine who is going to be seated next to me, it better not be some smelly old person, or some whiny kids.. she thought as she placed her ipod on and waited for take off looking out the window

**************The Sisters**********
The sisters took their on bord luggege, on the plane, Chaira knoticed that one of the seats her thier section was for a young woman with vibranly pink hair, she had electric blue streaks runing down here and their, her ipod blasting in her ears, a tune cahira knew well-Anasae Aikawa-Midnite Blue
"Aye, lass' ill seat with her, yous can sit behind us." Cahira told her sisters *the plane is seated 2 next to the window, 4 inthe middle and 2 ont he other window*
"Aye." Myrna and Aithne agreed with their sister,each pulling out thier laptops and poppin in thier obcession at the moment lost, myrna was a couple episodes ahead of Aithne, so they each had thier own disk to it. Cahira pulled out her own laptop, each of the sisters had rebuilt thiers, with help from thier computers teacher. And each had its own design onthe cover page. Cahira opened the site to her webpage, she needed to work on some problems they have been having, she tossed her other back in the overhead comparment.
Cahira smiled brightly at the brightly colored hair gal, not knowing whether she spoke a word of english let along english with their Irish accent.
Stormy noticed the three girls she had seen earlier take their seats behind her and one next to her. She smiled back as she took out her ipod. She placed it back in her purse and heard the flight take off was in 5min as the stewardess adressed emergency procedures.

Cahira, was unsure of how to beak the ice, and since the stwertess was speaking in swiz, she thought she try that.
"Guten Abend ist mein heisst Cahira, und ihres sind?" **Good evening, name is Cahira, and yours?**
Stormy bowed slighly and smiled, her reply was "Mein heisst ist Stürmisch nett, Sie zu treffen." my name is Stormy nice to meet you* Stormy noticed the hint of what she thought was an English accent so she tried english
Stormy cocked her head "so are you those sisters that won the exchange program?" stormy questioned
"Aye that we be 'um!" Cahira said in her Irish toung

Stormy shook her head and eyes widened "i guess im going to have to get used to your accent" as the plane took off

"Aye, a meny do." Cahira said with a smile "Those be me sisters, Aithne,with the dark hair, tallest too, and that be Myrna, me youngest sister"

"well im the one and only, its cool you have sisters. Are you looking forward to starting school in Japan?" Stormy said pulling out her laptop and typing away

Cahira smiled, not everyone new that the three were linguist, any language came very easy to them "Aye, we be speaking them all." Part of it had to do with their fathers heratage, but noone need to know that just yet

Stormy nodded "oh, i only speak, Italian, English, german and japanese." she added

"That be a very odd set o' languages, especially with the japs there." Chaira tilted her head to the side, thinking of how differnt japanese was from the others Stromy knew

"yes i know its different its just something i took up, i had spare time" she stated

"Spare time, People still be have that sort o' thing? Wow, we be havin some." Cahira said slighly amized, it seemd her and her sisters always had something to do work on to or towards

More to come laters^_^

Profiles of Current Made characters [05 Mar 2006|04:10pm]

Ok this will be a looooooooooong ass one so i am putting it behind a cut read if you wanna get a better idea
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Profile Form [03 Mar 2006|12:36am]

This is up here, and will be set to memories;
those who wish to take an orginal sm character please just let me kno which one(s) you wish to take^_^
For those of you who are making an orginal character Please fill out the form and wait for a mod to approve your character playing, You can contact me about their apperance *how they dress hair eyes and ne other specific detail* And i will get a pic up for you as soon as i possibly can^_^

Profile Fourm


Nick name-
Sehshi name-
*anyother names*
birthday- (dd,mm)

build- (tall alethic slender velupous...Ect...)



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