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Original character profile...


Name- Philip Neris

Nick name- Phil, Philly, Philly Willy, PJ

Age- 18

Birthplace- Bogota, Colombia

Birthday- Janurary 18th, 1988

Appearance- Medium in size, very muscular and fit, Long black hair, Dark eyes, scars running down his left cheek and right eye, very handsome

Species- Human

Height- 5'7

Weight- 120 Lbs of muscle

Eyes- Black

Build- Medium in height but due to martial arts training, he is very muscular and fit

Likes- Martial Arts, Girls, Beautiful Women, Training, Comic books, Alien vs Predator, Movies, Money, Friends, Japanese food, Sex (although he hasn't had it yet).

Dislikes- Preppies, Emo people, Goths, Centipedes, School, Homework, Bullies

Powers- Due to years of martial arts training, he can summon up his inner energy otherwise known as chi and project it out into fireballs or ki blast. Physically he is very strong and his stamina is unmatched. He can also do bukujutsu-- flight and levitation. Phil also has the ability to sense power levels and detect where they are coming from... If he trains more, the more powerful he will become and the more biggerh his chi level will be.

Weaknesses- He is only human and can do so much...If he spends too much chi in one attack, Phil can get very tired and weak.

Personality- Phil is a very kind individual who is always willing to become stronger than he is and is willing to make friends through either chance of meeting or by a friendly spar. He also likes to be with friends and is willing to stand up for them if needed.


Philip was born in Bogota, Colombia in Janurary 18th, 1988 and during that time, the country was going through a crisis of drug lords running the place and children being killed for smuggling drugs. Not wanting to have him be killed, Phil's biological mother had placed him under adoption and eventually an American couple found baby Phil and took him as their own.. Phil was then raised into a loving family in America and went to the finest schools. One day, at age seven, Phil was attacked by a group of bullies and was scarred on his face but this made him angry and with a fit of rage, he managed to beat down all of the gangsters.. Phil then realized he should take up Martial Arts...

He first started training in the art of Tang Soo Do in Yi's Karate Institute and gradually became stronger over time and recieved his first black belt... but Phil wanted to be stronger than ever before in his entire life. So he went out to find a great martial arts master who was competing in a tournament-- Phil found him but the master had won but graciously accepted Phil as his new student. Over time Phil had learned how to use his chi in battle and project it out into fireballs and chi blast..

Unfortunately, the master had died from old age and now Phil must practice all that he learned on his own.. Phil then headed out to Japan in order to practice. As for income, Phil works in a comic book store for part time and is currently looking for a girl friend.


Yolanda Neris (Mother, adoptive)
Phil Neris Sr. (Father, adoptive)
Talbot DeJulian Neris (Dog, pet)
Master Ki Yun Yi (Tang Soo Do master)
Muten Tatsu (Ki master, deceased)

Additonal Info-

Power Level: 120 (Can increase after training)


Dragon Fire Wave-- Very similar to the Hadouken of the Ansatsuken style and the Kamehameha of the Turtle fighting style, Phil can create a destructive ball of ki and throw it into the form a beam towards his opponent. A simple but very destructive attack.

Zanzoken- User moves very quickly over a short distance, so fast that it leaves an after-image of where he was. It's almost like a mini-teleport.

Rogafufuken- A series of strikes and grips that resembles the clawing and biting of a wolf. During the preparation stages of this move, Phil crouches into a low position, then bolts at his opponent, seemingly taking on the appearance of a wolf somewhat.

So Ki Dan- A special move Phil invented after his master died, Phil gathers a large amount of energy in one of his hands, holding his wrist with the other hand for suppport; once he has enough he creates a whirling ball of energy which he can control with finger movements. It is very fast, and Phil can cause it to continuously attack his opponent until it connects. It can also go underground, creating unexpected attack by coming back up directly under the opponent. It's basically a controlled homing attack.

Bukujutsu- This is the technique that allows the user to fly, float or walk in the air while controlling his/her ki.
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